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Sports Performance

Sports Performance



Today’s athletes are more competitive than ever before. For prep athletes, opportunities for scholarships and professional athletic careers could not be more demanding. With these hurdles, the athlete must be properly developed and trained.

For years coaches have coined many tag-lines that champion the heart of a great athlete to help define what is required to become one. Many of these great coaches have also thought that an individual was either born with great athletic skills or not.


Science now proves the great athletes of today are no longer the ones that are simply born with it. A new paradigm is being established.  We live in a day and time, where, unlike ever before, athletes who are properly developed are the ones who create their destiny on and off the field.  To constantly rise to the next level requires great character and work in every sphere of the athlete’s life.


Our team of trainers have worked with elite athletes at all levels; From the Olympics to Para-Olympics, from NFL to the MLB.  We specialize in developing the adolescent athlete to reach PEAK performance in order to maximize potential.

Increase your 40 yard time
Increase your Shuttle Run
Increase your Vertical Leap
Increase your bat speed
Increase your 440 time
Increase your mental tenacity
Increase fast-twitch muscle
Increase stamina and endurance
Increase functional flexibility
Decrease muscle fatigue and soreness
Decrease body fat
Body sculpt


Well Fit Sport Specific Performance Training (SSP)

Our programs are multi-faceted and including essential elements for maximizing potential and performance.  In addition to warm up, cool down, and stretching, athletes who are being trained for Sport Specific Performance will be introduced and developed in the following areas:

Injury Prevention
Our commitment is to keep our athletes healthy and growing.  We focus on the strengthening and stabilization of the neck, knee, ankle and shoulder. When a joint is effectively functioning and stable, its capable of maximum power output.  Injury potential decreases while performance capability increases.

Speed Training
Our commitment it to provide athletes of all ages and all sports with speed training progression that consists of two main areas; the proper running mechanics and the techniques that develop these mechanics.  Our athletes are trained and challenged to use free running for increased acceleration and finishing ‘kick’, resistance running for power and strength, and additional drills that enhances neural impulse speeds and physiological adaption.

 Agility Training
Are you trying to develop your on-field quickness? This cycle specifically focuses on the central nervous system to enhance change of direction, acceleration and deceleration while providing you with the proper progression of drills based on your sport and level of training.

Cardiovascular Training
Whether overall well-being, life longevity, sports performance, weight loss, or sport training, Well Fit develops a tailor fit plan for your success.  Our team of industry experts capitalizes on biogenetics (each athlete is different in traits and genetics).  Each program maximizes individual’s use of phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative systems to produce optimal energy gains.

The most overlooked area of sports performance and most often failed, nutrition is its proper use and understanding, can take good athletes and lead them to great.  Why?  Performance, weight loss/gain, and recovery are all enhanced in the kitchen. Goals differ, yet eating for optimum muscular development and performance is critical.  A staple of Well Fit’s success is anchored in our development of meal/eating plans based on an athlete’s goals and training schedule.

Functional Flexibility
Maximized sport performance is directly correlated to maximized muscle functionality and flexibility.  Our team of personal trainers and physical therapist create movement of a client’s range of motion in joints and surrounding muscles.  With insight and focus on injury prevention, inflexibility in hamstrings, back and knee pain, and tightness decreases, while maximizing biomechanical leverage position.

The core is the center for the majority of body movements.  The core allows effective transfer of power from the upper and lower body.  A strong core is necessary to increase speed, endurance, agility, overall strength, explosiveness and coordination.  Our athletes’ cores are trained to maximize muscle development using both ‘push and pull’ technique.

Balance & Functional Training
Athletes who have a greater knowledge of their bodies position in three dimensional space have great balance.  Balance is critical to power, explosive speed, and enhanced performance.  Well Fit’s Balance and Functional Training Programs utilizes all of the body’s proprioceptors (sense of self in space) to develop and increase balance in the field or during activities of daily living.

Plyometric, Explosive & Impulse Training
Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Softball, etc. all rely on power and explosiveness.   For athletes training to reach collegian world of completion, this Well Fit Program is critical.   Our exercises teach the athlete’s body to utilize the elastic principles of the muscles and increase neural impulse speed through trained activation.  Additionally, our training reduces risk of soft tissue injury.

Weight Training
Weight lifting is more brains than brawn.  With science as our foundational guide and the athlete’s sport specific performance goals, we use four facets of increased gains, size, performance, speed and endurance.

Phase One | (Off Season)
Hypertrophy Phase (HP) will increase cross sectional area of the muscle.

Phase Two | (Off Season)
Maximum Strength Phase (MSP) will increase recruitment and strength of the muscle.

Phase Three | (Pre Season)
Power Transfer Phase (PTP) will increase the pure speed of an athlete’s actions

Phase Four | (In Season)
Competition Phase (CP) increases an athlete’s sustained strength, power, size, and speed throughout your “in-season.”

Endurance is a common thread woven through all phases.  With an understanding of ‘slow twitch’ muscle fiber, energy recruitment and recovery, an athlete’s ability compete at 100%, 100% of the time.  Our trainers and therapist enhance the athlete’s mental capacity to perform while uncomfortable.  Well Fit trains the conscience and character of the athlete to #AlwaysCompete.

Injury Correction

Injury Correction



Focused on creating the best version of you, The Well Fit Health Club offers in-house Physical Therapy and Wellness Specialists for assessment.  Our experts utilize their vast experience in movement, function, wellness, injury prevention and restoration from injury to supplement the fitness continuum.  We seek to provide you a road mad to your greatest health.

Our team can help predict potential areas of injury. Through Fusionetics, you can gain specific insights as to the areas that can cause future concern.
The results of this assessment will help lead you and our team of skilled specialists down the path of targeted exercise and fitness activities to help you reach your goals of global health and wellness.


Not to be confused with our introductory assessment and health club overview, FUSIONETICS assessment is critical for evaluating health and wellness.  Recent studies have dramatically illustrated the importance and effectiveness of injury prevention training.

Well Fit experts are trained to assist in office ergonomics, workplace accident prevention and employee wellness programs.  Additionally, Well Fit offers sport-specific injury prevention both in the facility and on the field.  With a new membership, all Well Fitters can be given our COREFOUR test assessing:

Overall Fitness
Overall Flexibility
Overall Range of Motion
Overall Balance

To book your FUSIONETICS ASSESSMENT, please email mike@wellfitgroup.com





Your body was created to perform. This means that it must constantly move in order to evolve, grow and mature. To facilitate this process, your body was also created to heal and regenerate. Healing and regeneration is the process by which the Body-Mind-Soul evolves, grows and matures! Becoming healthy and resilient, from within and without, involves dynamic stages of movement and growth.

For decades the sciences have proven that some sickness and disease is preventable. For centuries the healing arts have shown that great health of Body-Mind-Soul is an answer for a resilient life that is free from the ravages of pain, sickness and disease.  Well Fit provides a road-map to resolve your diet and nutritional problems at the core level, not just suppress your symptoms!